Gary Hanmer

Gary came under starters orders in July 2015 to train under a full license from Church Farm, Harthill, Tattenhall, Cheshire, following 25 years of success training and riding Point to Pointers and Hunter Chasers. Inspired by a dream, Hanmer worked in partnership with the Bolesworth estate to create a purpose built racing establishment which would enable him to compete amongst the best. The Bolesworth estate have yet again invested in a business with massive potential to enable other local businesses to flourish and grow.

Having completed his ‘apprenticeship’ as an amateur jockey, and later as an assistant trainer Gary embarked on his own training career in 1989. The combination of him riding and training the horses was to prove a powerful combination for future success, notching up in excess of 200 winners. Regularly described as a master of pace, Gary was re-knowned for ‘switching horses off and dropping horses in’, coming off the pace to produce the horse with timed precision on many occasions to win ‘on the nod’. His services were regularly called upon to ride for successful yards across the country, not only for his skills in the saddle but also for the post-race feedback he would provide which would usually result in an improved performance next time out.

Gary is passionate about the welfare of horses and is never happier than knowing the horses have eaten up and are relaxed after a good piece of work. He prides himself on understanding them individually and developing a training regime that suits their needs; this proven approach compliments his focus on quality rather than quantity. He particularly enjoys developing youngsters and the anticipation of what the future holds for them. Admired by those close to him for his hard work and dedication, Gary is relentless in his mission for the horses in his care to realise their full potential and has always been very fortunate to have a great team of people around him who share the same goal. As a ‘hands on’ trainer he continues to ride out every day giving the less experienced riders the benefit of his in-depth experience.

His knowledge of race riding, experience of different courses and understanding of what happens in a race is invaluable. This together with his legacy in the point to point field coupled with this facility provides a superb platform upon which to build for future success.

Gary Hanmer
We find Gary to be extremely sympathetic and patient with a horse’s development.

Gary takes pride in understanding each of the horses in his care and monitors their progress with utmost precision.