Gary, who is no stranger to success, has saddled multiple winners and has had the privilege of training for the majority of the owners of the horses in excess of 15 years; all like-minded people who love the sport (and a party to celebrate a winner or two)!!

He encourages owners to get involved through delivering regular feedback on the horse’s progress, providing advice regarding each season’s campaigns and seeking their opinion.

People have horses in training for many different reasons – love of racing, trying a home bred horse, expanding a social circle to name but a few. There are different ways of sharing in the enjoyment and excitement of owning a racehorse.

Sole Ownership

100% of prize money with the excitement of choosing your own colours and naming the horse.

I enjoy his regular communication; receiving updates on my horse’s progress and general well- being, being part of planning their campaigns and the analysis of their races.


This can consist of two or more individuals who share the costs, enjoyment and excitement; we have great experience in introducing racing through using this method of ownership. Great way of increasing your social circle!!

Over the last 10 years I have found Gary to be professional, knowledge about the sport and most importantly a pleasure to deal with as a person.